Zully Ruano


Zully Ruano was exposed to missions from a very young age and at the age of 16, the Lord inscribed on her heart 2 Corinthians 5:15, “And He died for all, that those who live should no longer live for themselves but for Him who died for them and rose again.”  She worked on staff at CC Downey where she served as the Missions Coordinator for almost 10 years. In God’s perfect timing, Zully received a special missionary call to help begin a Christian international school in Mallorca, Spain. There are presently 1.3% Evangelical Christians in all of Spain, therefore, the school’s purpose is not only to prepare children academically but to reach children and their families with the gospel of Jesus Christ. In addition to establishing a Christian school, Zully’s long term goal is to strategically use Spain’s geographical location to prepare and send missionaries to its neighboring countries in Africa, Europe, and the Middle East.



Eli and Elizabeth are currently missionaries in Guatemala serving in Calvary Chapel Ciudad de Guatemala since July 2016.

They are from Venezuela and arrived to Guatemala in 2014 to study in a Christian Seminary.  Since childhood they felt the calling of God for the service of His Church, and ever since they met they started to serve Him together. They have served in various churches in Guatemala and now the Lord has given them the privilege to serve and pastor in the city of Guatemala: Zona 5 and Mixco. The church is flourishing and serving the community in their area. 



In April of 2014 Brian Versoza was ordained as a Pastor and took over the ministry that Pastor Tom Maxwell planted in Cebu, Philippines (Shepherd’s Heart Calvary Chapel).  In 2009 Pastor Brian graduated from U-Turn for Christ School of Ministry in Samar, and then became an intern at Shepherd’s Heart Calvary Chapel (SHCC) in Cebu City serving alongside Pastor Tom Maxwell.  As he extended his internship, the Lord opened the doors for Pastor Brian to become SHCC’s senior pastor when Pastor Tom returned to the US. SHCC reaches out primarily to squatter areas, ministering to over 100 adults and an average of 400 kids as the school year starts. The church has a full range of ministries for children of all ages and adults.


Pasha received the Lord in May of 1992 at one of the first outreaches by Calvary Chapel of Downey. In November of 2004, Pasha became the pastor of Calvary Chapel of Vladimir, Russia, and overseer of all the missions in the Vladimir region. There are currently 7 Calvary Chapels in the Vladimir region. CC Vladimir has also established a Bible College.

Mario Davila & family

Serving the Lord at Calvary Chapel Albergue Infantil El Amparo, Peru. After working from prisons, Mario and his wife moved to Chaclacayo (Lima) to start the work at Amparo Children's Hostel, in 2010. By God’s grace He allowed them to share their lives with children, making eleven children their new family; Vicente (8), Nicolas (11), Zarela (11), Albeiro (11), Abel (13), Jaime (11), Jorge (13), José (11), Yadira (11), Leonel (6), and Valentina (9).



While visiting Yucatan in 1995, Pastor Sam (as he is affectionately called) felt a strong calling from God to make Merida his home and plant a church from which to spread the Gospel. Pastor Sam and his family moved to Merida, Yucatan and CC Merida began in July of 1998. There are 8 church plants established by CC Merida (Tabi, Hocaba, San Felipe, Tizimin, Valladolit, Cancun, Poniente, Panaba). CC Merida also has a Bible College, a rehabilitation home, and a convalescent home. A vibrant Christian school, Calvary Kids Christian School, has been established, is rapidly expanding, and now offers daycare up to Junior High School education.


Fernando Rodriguez began serving as pastor of Iglesia Buenas Nuevas in Cuba for the last 17 years and has been involved with Calvary Chapel for the same amount of years. The church he serves at has established 8 church plants, as well as a Bible college. Fernando serves as our main contact for our annual Cuban Pastor’s Conference which has taken place for the last 7 years.



Jay and Vicki Dangers are the founders of an orphanage in Uganda (East Africa), called New Hope. New Hope Uganda’s Kasana Children’s Center was established in 1988 in the heart of the Luwero Triangle with the purpose of bringing the Fatherhood of God to the fatherless. The Kasana Children’s Center provides the children and young people with the basics such as God’s Word, love, food, clothing, shelter, plus the chance to get an education, discipleship and guidance. In addition to the seven family villages, the main site also serves as the home of all the staff, has a clinic, Hope House (for abandoned babies), a primary vocational school, a secondary school, and a church. After years of preparation, they have officially opened the Kobwin Children’s Center. They are now able to help bring the Fatherhood of God on a full-time basis to former child soldiers and other affected (“Invisible Children”) by the Lord’s Resistance Army atrocities in northern Uganda.



Daniel and Elizabeth, along with their 3 children Abbagail, Liam, and Peter are serving in Southern Asia since 2015. Through God’s grace, they have been able to translate the Gospel into the local dialect, share the Gospel with university students, and organize outreach to children. In 2017, Daniel began a weekly Sunday night service with the locals. Along with worship, prayer, and fellowship, they are making their way through the Word in an expository fashion.




For over 4 years Jesse prayed to serve as a long-term missionary in his parent’s hometown of Jerez, Zacatecas. In October of 2016, Jesse and Kim took the step of obedience and faith to heed God’s call for full time missions in Jerez. The vision the Lord has given them is to start CC Mission Jerez. The Lord has provided them with a place to live in the city as well as farmland nearby to work on in order to provide resources to much in need. They are also praying to see the land used to start a Bible college, and through it raise up leaders and missionaries to minister wherever the Lord would send them.



Felicia has been involved in Missions for more than 10 years, traveling all over the world and spreading the good news of Jesus Christ. Felicia is currently serving at the YWAM Tribal Winds campus located in Arizona, she has been there since 2015. Felicia is supporting, praying, encouraging, discipling, and serving within the YWAM Tribal Winds base. Her desire is to reach Native Americans for Christ, especially the Hopi people. She has been part of outreaches to the Hopi people and is building relationships with them.  



Mickie served in South Africa for 4 years and returned home waiting on the Lord for His next set of marching orders for her. She visited Haiti in March of 2015 and upon her return from that trip she was presented with an open door to serve at Cross to Light, a church planting ministry in Port Au Prince, Haiti. Mickie’s areas of ministry are sharing the Gospel, working with the children in the community, and discipling women in the churches as well as their kitchen staff at Cross to Light. 

At present the people are very angry with the corruption in Haiti’s government, the escalating inflation and diminishing fuel supply. Civil unrest and violence has plagued the country for over a year now.  They’re demanding the president step down from office. Please pray as the Lord leads for Haiti and for our Haitian sisters and brothers.  

Cyril Gordon

Cyril Gordon, a French-Israeli citizen, was a missionary with “Jews for Jesus” for 19 years. He trained and managed an average of 20 volunteers/year (2000 to 2019). Cyril’s vision is threefold:

  1. Reaching out to the forgotten Jews in nursing homes. These Jews are mostly bedridden and rarely get any visitors.

  2. Expanding his unique and fruitful outreach to Jews in local synagogues. Coming from the synagogues Cyril is fully equipped to mingle among the Jews that attend these synagogues and find the ones who want to know more about Jesus. The potential for this form of Jewish evangelism is huge as there are hundreds of synagogues to visit throughout Southern California.

  3. Continuing the open-air evangelism in Venice Beach.

Dany Garcia


Calvary Chapel Xalapa is a church located in Xalapa, Veracruz, Mexico. This is a small but beautiful city surrounded by mountains and beautiful lakes. The church was started on 2015 by Calvary Chapel Downey´s missionary Danny Gamez. When he moved back to California, a young couple from Yucatán, México, moved to Xalapa to take over the church: Dany and Lety Garcia. They have been serving in Xalapa for almost 2 years. Right now the church has about 80 people attending on Sundays. 

Recently God has brought many broken marriages to be restored. The Lord has been opening doors at the government place to share Jesus and to impart conferences about "peace in the society" from a biblical perspective. 

Prayer request: A property for the church (and the christian school in the future), a place to start a new mission in a nearby town called “Coatepec”.

Beto Interian


The church in Acatlán, Veracruz, was founded in 2002 by Pastor Freddy García and his wife Barbara. Since then the church has undergone many changes. Pastor Mario Alberto Interian Alcocer, who is originally From Mérida Yucatán, was called to Veracruz in 2017. He has been faithfully serving at CC Acatlán since then.

Please pray for the men to grow and be strong in the Lord, for the struggling families and children that come to Sunday Services; pray for the construction of the church, a vehicle to move from the mountain to the city and especially pray for the youth of the church.





Chad Naaktgeboren and his family (Heather (wife), Luke, Hannah, Christian, and Leah) moved to Johannesburg in January 2007 as they headed the call to plant a church there.  The Naaktgeboren’s have planted Calvary Chapel Johannesburg, established a school of ministry, and have various ministries directed at helping those in poverty and with various needs.

The family has returned home by the call of the Lord since July 2017.  Chad is on staff as a pastor here at Calvary Chapel Downey and will be teaching Bible at our high school as well.

The flourishing church in Johannesburg was left in great hands to a national pastor in South Africa. Continue to pray for what God is doing in Africa and what God will do through Chad and the Naaktgeboren family here in Southern California.

Naak fam pic.2007-2017.jpg




Danny and Sylvia served in Mexico beginning in 2012 with their children Matthew, Victoria, Luke, and Benjamin. While in Merida, Yucatan the call to plant a church was heard and in January 2015, they moved to Acatlán, Mexico (State of Veracruz) to plant Calvary Chapel Acatlán. In 2016 they also began a church plant in Xalapa, where the ministry is currently flourishing. In December of 2017, Daniel Gamez heard God's call to come back to Downey and come on staff as the Spanish pastor to our Spanish Ministry. 

The work in Acatlan and Xalapa was left in great hands with 2 pastors from CC Merida who continue to hold Bible studies and provide leadership, discipleship, and children ministries in both church plants.  Please continue to pray for the two churches in Veracruz and for the Gamez family.